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About EHM Group

Guided by our mission to take a commercial approach that is in harmony with the development and welfare of our staff, we focus on companies' potential and on developing that potential. Our working methods have brought success in transforming poorly performing companies into market leaders, in generating the best possible returns, and in getting the most out of people. 

Our operations are decentralized, which means that each company is run independently in line with the strategy that best suits the local situation. The management teams benefit optimally from the support provided by advanced management systems (from business planning and benchmarking to financial procedures and operational guidelines), commercial concepts, and personal guidance.

The quality and success of each company is a reflection of how management responds to market challenges, processes setbacks, exploits creativity, and pursues its goals. The EHM Group offers the knowledge, experience, and commitment required to turn every challenge into a success story.

We view the Netherlands as our home market, where a substantial network of companies is being built. This is epitomized by the acquisition of hospitality companies, the development of hospitality concepts, the adding of value through powerful management and using intelligent means.