Bas v2
Bas Tolmeijer


Bas's expertise lies in asset management, financial strategy, and the operational management of complex organizations. He can draw on a wealth of management experience in international hospitality, where he served as a general manager, area director, and vice president for various hotel chains.

Bas is also involved in various companies as an entrepreneur, investor, and CEO.

Willem Jan
Willem-Jan van den Dijssel


Willem-Jan has learned all the facets of the hospitality industry during a career spanning more than 40 years. He has done so as the president of various businesses, including listed companies, and as a serial entrepreneur in the food and beverages, hotel, and gaming sectors. In addition, he has broad experience in finance, including as a partner at a prestigious corporate finance agency, and he has been the president and CEO of a listed e-commerce company.

His passion lies in working out innovative concepts and in finding solutions for complex financial situations.

Francesco Monaco


After a long career in the international hotel industry, he founded his first company with Bas in 2001. Together with Willem-Jan and Bas, he established a hotel group in 2005, expanded it in the years that followed, and successfully sold it in 2018. Specializing in sales, marketing, and communication, his responsibility lies with the company’s commercial development and strategy.

In addition to the work he does for the EHM Group, Francesco is an investor and CCO in an online company, and participates in various start-ups.

Pauline v2
Pauline Verhoef


Enthusiastic, energetic, and creative are terms that best describe Pauline. She believes in a healthy work-life balance, and is not only a dedicated colleague but also the mother of twins. The current economy is based on collaborating, which is more powerful than competing – of that we are convinced!

Pauline is a commercial specialist who has more than earned her spurs as director of marketing and communications of one of the largest Dutch hotel chains.

John Stoffers

Finance, Legal & IT

With more than 30 years’ experience, John can justifiably call himself a veteran in the hotel industry. He has held various senior management positions at several international hotel chains.

Although he has a very wide area of focus and can contribute to most issues, his expertise lies in the fields of financial organization, legal matters, and IT systems. 

wouter dekker
Wouter Dekker

General Manager Hotel Haarhuis & Manager Development

Loyal, straightforward, and creative. Thinking outside the box and always looking for new concepts within the hotel industry are his greatest passions.

After graduating in Hotel Management, Wouter worked for various hotel brands and was the general manager responsible for various hotels. He takes pride and pleasure in ensuring operational efficiency and building enthusiastic management teams.

Bastiaan Klomp

Thermae 2000 Managing Director

Creating the perfect guest experience is what drives Bastiaan in his work. With his background in the upmarket hotel industry, he offers the company an eye for detail combined with tight management.

He is enthusiastic, sociable, and a real networker. His passion lies in developing new concepts and building a great product that lets guests and staff alike feel completely at ease.

Maurice Barbier

Business analyst, Finance and IT

Maurice Barbier is a specialist, committed, sociable, and a real team player.

With a great deal of passion and strength, he dedicates himself to his role as a specialist in management and operations with the right reports and KPIs, implementing improvements together and optimizing IT processes.

Maurice is a sounding board for operational departments and works with others in the search for new developments with a distinctive character.

His motto is: Moving forward and innovating together!